Meicet Needle Free Mesotherapy Beauty Machine Collagen Pin HydrPeel


HydrPeel Needle-Free Mesotherapy Machine

  • Model: HydrPeel
  • Power: 550W
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Pressure of Spray Handle: 5kg/cm³-10kg/cm³
  • Reached Depth: 0.2mm-5mm
  • Size of Host Machine: 49x44x60cm
  • Weight of Host Machine: 15KGS
  • Size of Trolley: 89.5x56.5x56cm
  • Weight of Trolley: 18KGS
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    HydrPeel Mesotherapy Machine Introduction

    Meicet HydrPeel is a new, non-invasive, multi-functional injection osmotic beauty instrument. Using TDA needleless pulse air wave technology, the nutrient solution is delivered to the bottom of the skin, so as to achieve the effects of hydrating, whitening, moisturizing, wrinkle reduction, and anti-oxidation.


    •  Needle Free
    •  10.2 Inches Touch Screen
    •  2 Languages- English, Chinese
    •  High Safety
    •  Precise Control
    non-needle mesotherapy machne spran handle

    Reached Depth 0.2mm-5mm

    Match with Various Products

    HydrPeel can match with many products of different functions, such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-inflammatory & acne & aging and cleaning.

    HydrPeel Collagen Pin Machine and Products

    Before-After Comparison

    消炎祛痘前后对比 Mesotherapy Machine anti-inflammation acne treatment

    Anti-inflammation, Acne Treatment

    强效补水前后对比 Mesotherapy Machine moisturizing


    美白淡斑前后对比Mesotherapy Machine spot-fading


    基础抗衰前后对比Mesotherapy Machine anti-aging


    Easy to Operate

    On operation interface, the working area (face or body) can be chosen. Depth, Dose (Measure) and Speed of Spray handle can be adjusted. Remaining available spray times can be counted. There are A, B and C, three working modes to meet different operation needs.

    Operation Interface

    HydrPeel has three working modes: A, B, C.

    A mode is automatic mode, the spray is intermittent.

    B mode is manual operation mode: press one time and spray once.

    C mode is automatic mode, the spray is continuous.


    Needle-free Injector

    Supersonic speed (450m/s) rapid penetration.

    Non-invasive treatment. Do not touch the skin directly during treatment.

    The active ingredients are activated through the technology of high-pressure oxygen, which on the one hand increases the oxygen content of cells, improves oxygenation, and on the other hand promotes penetration.

    分子水光喷头 - 副本

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