Meicet 3D Body Scanner Body Composition and Posture Analyzer BCA200


Report type: Support peripheral printing A4 report paper / background management system

Voice prompt: Live voice guidance

  • Model: BAC200
  • Testing Height Range: 90~240cm
  • Testing Weight Range: 10~260Kgs
  • Testing Age Range: 3~99 years old
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    3D Intelligent Body Analyzer Machine BCA200

    MC-BCA200 is designed based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and 3D Imaging Technology. It can anslyzes body composition, body posture, body function and other body data. From static to dynamic, including health status and athletic ability to digitalize health management through data quantification, analysis and comparison.


    • Bioelectrial Impedance Analysis
    • 3D Imaging


    Featured Functions

    Multi-terminals: The assessment data can be synchronized to different devices, e.g, PC, PAD, cell, cloud to image more efficient.

    Face ID: Protect data privacy

    HD Projection: Connecting HDMI, the image and sound can be synchronized to the screen to meet the paticular needs.

    Print Report: Designated Printer model: SamsungSL-M2029

    API: API funcition is open to customer for free.

    Body Composition Analysis

    3D body analyzer machine body composition 截屏
    Meicet X-one 3D Body Composition analysis

    3D animation to give training suggestions;  

    Judge Body Shape type;  

    Give muscle and fat adjustment tips.

    3D Body Posture Analysis

    bac200 3d body scanner posture analysis

    3D sensor capturing technology, based on self-developed visual algorithm and human body model, carries out 3D measurement with millimeter accuracy,checks the body posture fully, predicts the risk of bad posture, realizes the digitalization of measurements, and establishes the standardization of body posture assessment.

    Balance Ability