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Shanghai May Skin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent beauty equipment manufacturer and software service provider that is dedicated to R&D, production and trading business. We focus on the skin analyzer industry since 2008, and by now three famous brands-“MEICET”, “ISEMECO”, “RESUR”, have been created by us. After years of development, our business has involved 3 areas: skin analyzers, body analyzers, beauty equipment.  We listen to your voice to improve product functions continuously. We have the ability to offer OEM and ODM services.

Business Areas

Based on 15 years of passion and expertise,We have been committed to the development and production of a variety of world class beauty equipment.

Business Areas

Business Areas

After establishing the ISO system, we do our best to produce the same quality products,so that the error rate is minimized.

Business Areas

R&D/Research and development

- Skin/Hair Scalp/Body

 Analyzing System

- Beauty Apparatus

- Product Design

Domestic and Foreign

business sales

- Skin / Hair Scalp / Body

 Analyzer instrument sales

- Responsibility for export

 and import

Manufacture &

Customer Support

- System development of Skin

 /Hair Scalp/Body Analyzer

- Instrument product design

- Excellent customer support

Company History

Company History