M13 Hair Diagnosis Analyzer with Skin+Iris+Hair Analyser all in 1 Machine


Product Features: Professional, high-end Facial Hair Scalp Analyzer Machine

Type:Hair follicle/scalp/skin detector

Connect:5G WiFi wireless




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M13 Hair Diagnosis Analyzer with Skin+Iris+Hair Analyser all in 1 Machine


6 Features

Wireless charging
Coufigure dual probes
Mobile pbone tablet
1080P resolution
Smart APP arcbive
4 spectral detection

M13 Hiar Scalp Analyzer6

2 In 1 Wireless Charger-Separate Design

Separate vertical design firmly places the data cable connection base When the handle is placed on the base, it can be charged as soon as you put it on/stop when you pick it up (two charging methods: a. can be charged by the base b. can be charged by the handle)


Smart APP-Compatible With Various Devices

Many APP users only need to scan the QR code to download the software, then WiFi is easy to connect, supports screenshots, support real-time video, and playback

5G network is smooth and not stuck, convenient for viewing on mobile phones and tablets

M13 Hiar Scalp Analyzer3

Data Preservation-Data Recording Function

Customer file/photo data storage/customer information search/comparison before and after treatment Assist the beautician or specialist to more easily view the skin/scalp condition

M13_06 01

Four Spectrum Detection-Effect Reference Map

Optical magnification (200 times)

scalp hair follicle skin magnification 1080p HD pixel.

Hair Scalp Analyzer

UV Light Detection

Skin appears red under uv light to find the possibility of scalp infection

Hair Scalp Analyzer

Polarized light (50x) skin mesoderm detection

Detect scalp redness/pigment/scalp allergy

M13_06 4

White light (50 times)

Skin surface detection Observe dry/oily scalp/clogging of hair follicles/aging scalp


Hair Scalp Analyzer

Dual probes - 200 times/50 times switch at will

Dual probe multi-function:Hair follicle detection + skin detection

Two detection heads are standard:

detection of hair follicles/skin

a new fusion of one machine for dual purposes

200 times magnification can detect fine scalp analysis

50 times triple spectrum switching detection surface layer/mesoderm/UV layer


HD probe - 10 million pixels

A powerful artifact that can be seen clearly, a common choice for all kinds of high-end shooting equipment 10 million pixel image transmission, high-definition image restoration is clearer


Freeze-frame 4 screen comparison

A: Single screen

HD viewing scalp skin Scalp/Follicle/Acne can see clearly

B: Four grid comparison
Show hair follicles in the same frame
Three levels are more professional and intuitiveM13_11

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