Meicet MC88 AI Professional Skin Analysis Machine


Make Consulting Accurate, Get Trust Easier

MEICET Skin Analysis System delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations.

MEICET software simplifies the imaging process work greatly.

Multi-spectral imaging analysis technologies are used to measure and reveal surface and subsurface skin conditions.

By using our professional skin analyzer, accurate treatment consultations can be offere to clients easily. 

LED light source imported from Japan 

13 Multi-languages supported

Internationalization standard own factory

Add customized language is allowed

Free software updating

3d skin analyzer texture analysis

5 Spectra Mode

RGB Light, Cross-Polarized Light, Parallel-Polarized Light, UV Light, Wood's Light

skin analyzer meicet mc10 5 spectra

Our machine will shoot 5 photos with seconds by using different spectrum. These 5 images will be analyzed by Meicet App, and finally 15 images can be get to help to reveal different skin problems.

Smart AI technology

Skin symptom extraction technology and cloud computing.

skin analyzer meicet mc10 cloud system

HD Images - Present Sympotoms Clearly

MEICET skin analyzer machine is an effective and necessary assistant for beauty salon, skin clinic and perfect tool for cosmetics companies.

15 Analyzed Images

Sensitivity / surface pigments / wrinkles / pores / spots / acne / UV spots / skin age /skin tone / chemical residue

meicet skin analyzer mc88 green and heatmap sensitive
skin analyzer wrinkle analysis
meicet skin analyzer mc88 green and uv spots images
surface skin spots skin analyzer
skin analyzer pore
acne uv light skin analyzer

Auxiliary Analysis Functions - Discover the Truth

2022.5.16 英语分析页 1

Results Analysis Page

The skin test pen can test forehead, left face and right face’s data of moisture, oil and elasticity as result supplement. The data tested can be shown on the report.

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Symptoms Analysis

To help the symptom analysis, the Meicet software system offers reference explanations, and possible causes according to the severity of the symptoms. This reference information is helpful when analyzing skin problems.


Comparison Functions

1. Support the comparison of different images in the same time period. For example, in the diagnosis, we can choose 2 different images to diagnose the same symptom of the skin, such as, to analyze the problem of pigments, you can choose CPL and UV images. CPL image reveals pigment problems that can be seen with the naked eye, and UV image captures deep pigment problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

2. The images of different dates can be compared as the basis for the efficacy argumentation. The photos before and after the treatment can be selected for comparison to show the contrast effect before and after the treatment.

3. When comparing pictures, you can zoom in or zoom out. It can be relaxed up to 5 times the original picture; after zoom in the symptoms of the problem can be seen more clearly.

Efficient Marketing Functions - Improve Profits

meicet skin analyzer MC88 report page 1

Test Report Page 1

The test report page can be printed out or sent to customers via email. The page contains images and data, which allow customers to know their skin problems clearly and easily.

meicet skin analyzer mc88 report page 2

Test Report Page 2

The suggested products can be added in report page. This page can be printed out or sent to customers via email, which helps to marketing products or services easily.

MC88 Parameters

 MC88 Skin Aanlyzer Machine


Applicable IPad Model 

A2197, A2270, A2316, A2228, A2229, etc.


CE, IS013485,RoHS

Place of Origin


Model Number


Electrical Requirement

AC100-240V DC19V(2.1A)50-60HZ 




12 Months



Size of Packing


Shooting Angles

Left, Front, Right


Gold/ Black

MC88 Accessories and Installation

Easy to Install