ISEMECO Portrait Screen Skin Scanner Analysis Device For Cosmetology Hospital

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Model: MC2600

Brand Name: ISEMECO

Features: World Debut Portrait Screen Skin Analysis

Advantage: LG 32 inch 4K HDR Portrait Screen; Skin Cloud Algorithm; Support Multi-port Access

OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense

Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Hospitals, Research Institute,Skin Care Centers, SPA etc.


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ISEMECO Cosmetology Hospital HD Display Professional Skin Scanner Analysis Machine

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Introduction of Skin Scanner Analysis Machine


Multi Language Support

With Concealed hood

Pear shape design patent

20 UV light source imported from Japan

Exclusive R & D team, rapid iteration

Al Self-learning, exponential improvement

5-7 years prediction

5 million sets of situationla skin case library

15 Major skin types analysis

Reappearance of the whole process of similar cases

Expert case analysis

Vertical screen: More suitable for presenting face-shaped structural images

 Skin Scanner Analysis
skin scanner analyzer-01

ISEMECO  Parameter

Model MC-2600
Image capture (RGB) 7200K, UV Light, Parallel Polarized Light , Cross-polarized Light, Wood Light, Red Areas, Gray Map, Green Map, Purple Map
Color  White and Black
Data port USB 2.0
Video output mode NTSC/PAL
Shading Method  Deploy With shading
Configuration HD display+PC computer
 Resolution 24M Pixel
Skin Analysis Host Size L:550mm  W:450mm H:515mm
Power supply AC 100-240V, 50/60 HZ
Work Lifting Platform Wide adjustable range of height (700mm-1080mm)

 Machine Advantages

Skin Analysis Machine


*With Concealed hood

*Pear shape design patent

*24million Pixel ultramicro optical lens

*20 UV light source imported from Japan

*Layout design of expert lightsource of chinese academy of sciences The facial light source cover 95%

*International standard factory prodution

Work Table Lifting Platform

Working stand-up, relieving pressure on spine

Electric lift regulation, adjust height stable at constant speed

Height memory function for convenient use

Adjustable height for various human height

wide adjustable range of height (700mm-1080mm)

The display bracket can be adjusted left and right, up and down, applicable to 21.5~31.5 inch display


HD display+PC computer


HD display+PC computer

Vertical screen: More suitable for presenting face-shaped structural images



LAN---Support multi-port Access

Maximize resource allocation

More professional multi-terminal access interactive system

Improve skin consultation efficiency

Independent deployment can open and SaaS.CRM data interface

Software Advantages


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