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What’s a skin analyzer machine?

It is a professional skin analysis and product prescription designed to identify skin disorders and changes in the skin.

Once the analysis is completed the program will auto-recommend skin treatment products for customized skin management.

When you have a skin analysis, your skin is observed up close to determine its condition and the best possible treatments for it. Conditions including congested, oily, dull, dry, aging, sensitive, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, sun damage, smoking damage, wrinkles, rosacea, dehydration and poor elasticity. and red skin become apparent under the UV light. Wrinkles and fine lines also become easier to see.

During a skin analysis, your skin will be evaluated for roughness, smoothness, bumps, breakouts, extreme dryness, firmness, redness, and more. You will be informed as to what is positive regarding your skin and what conditions can be improved. You may be asked questions prior to any type of treatment being recommended. If there is anything your esthetician believes may require a dermatologist, you will be informed. So Facial Skin Analyzer Machine can be your right-hand man to help your customers to analyze skin symptoms as quickly as possible.

The Components of a Skin Analyser

It is mainly composed of a close-range color camera with a light source, a host, and a color video monitor.

The host is a camera with a light source + related software, the image is processed by ultra-high-definition digital imaging technology, face recognition analysis technology and local positioning algorithm, and the analysis result is displayed on the computer or Ipad display.

Spectrum: RGB Light, UV light, Wood Light, Cross-polarized Light, Parallel Polarized Light

AI artificial intelligence technology: Skin symptom extraction technology and cloud computing.

Backup & Restore: After Backup all customer's file then can change to any ipad.

Wireless: Without WiFi connection remotely hosted software

Mode:Prediction Mode, Comparison Mode

With the continuous development of technology, the functions of the skin analyzer device are update iteration

Post time: Nov-27-2020

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