Clinical Manifestations of Rosacea

1. Age and gender
Rosacea usually occurs in middle-aged people. It usually appears on women with fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. Rosacea is more common in women.
Rosacea can present a variety of symptoms. Scientists divide it into four subtypes, corresponding to the most common symptom groups.

Subtype 1: erythematous vasodilator rosacea
The main symptoms of this subtype are flushing and persistent erythema on the central face. Dilation of the capillaries is common. Papules and pustules may also occur, and the skin is often sensitive, and sometimes you may feel a tingling or burning sensation.


Subtype 2: papules and pustular rosacea
The main manifestations of this subtype are papules and pustules, which appear in the central area of the face. These skin lesions may resemble acne, or they may be present in the mouth, nose, and ear areas. There may also be persistent erythema or telangiectasia. There is often a tingling or burning sensation on the face, sometimes itching and sometimes redness.


Subtype 3: Hypertrophic rosacea
The main symptoms of this subtype are plaques (thickening) and nodules on the skin. Mainly affects the nose, but also affects the chin, forehead, cheeks, ears and eyelids. Nasal hypertrophy is called nasal hyperplasia, and telangiectasia may also exist. This subtype is most common in men, and if left untreated, it can worsen and cause facial disfigurement.


Subtype 4: ocular rosacea
This subtype mainly affects the eyes, including the eyelids, conjunctiva, and cornea. The main symptoms include ocular edema, congestion, burning, tingling and itching, light sensitivity, blurred vision, the sensation of something in the eye, scabs and scales on the eyelids, and sometimes eye infections. Eye rosacea usually occurs at the same time as the skin symptoms, but it can also occur alone.
2. Incentives
Rose acne is related to some triggers that can cause the onset of symptoms. There are many possible triggers, and everyone’s reaction is different. The most common triggers include sun, stress, heat and wind.

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