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Short Description:


Short Description:


Model: MC88

Brand Name: Meicet

Features: Skin Cloud Algorithm

Advantage: 5 Spectra mode; AI artificial intelligence technology; Predict mode

OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense

Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Hospitals, Research Institute,Skin Care Centers, SPA etc.

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1) Predict Mode: which show customer the skin after 5~7 years, help users to recommend products.
2) Wireless: Use MEICET software no need wifi, and convenient with you everywhere.
3) Backup & Restore: After Backup all customer’s file then can change to any ipad.
4) AI artificial intelligence technology: Skin symptom extraction technology and cloud computing.
5) 5 Spectra mode: Daylight, Cross Polarization, Parallel Polarization, UV Light, Wood’s Light





RGB Pore: Represents current big pores on surface skin which is bigger than normal size pore over diameter 0.02-0.05 mm.

RGB Spot: Represents current spot which color is darker than normal skin color and with round or irregular round shape on surface skin.

RGB Wrinkle : Represents current wrinkle condition as well as area which is not smooth and not flat, the higher the percentage, the better of wrinkle condition.

UV Porphyrin: Represents current dermis layer grease secretion and blackhead distribution.

PL Texture: Represents current skin texture develop trend, predict future wrinkles trend.

UV Pigmentation: Represents current dermis pigmentation which predicts future surface spot and some serious area already appear on surface, the darker the worse, and need more attention.

Sensitive Area: Represents skin sensitive state which is easy to have allergy when season changes or use any cosmetics with excess heavy metal material.

Brow Area: Represents skin metabolism condition, for some people they need longer time to recover from therapy like laser treatment, because their skin metabolism is not good, from brown spot we can see those areas.

UV Damage: Represents spot in deep skin which caused by long term sun exposure, seldom use sun screen and get sunburned damage, finally leave serious pigmentation in the deep.

Moisture: Represents skin moisture status in dermis.

Skin Aging: Represents predication of skin status in next 3-5 years which you do not accept or enhance any skin care treatments or therapies for current skin problems.

Skin Beautifying: Represents predication of skin beautifying status in next 3-5 years which you have been paying more attention to do professional skin care treatments for current skin problems.


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