Meicet 3D Skin Analysi Skin Analyzer Acne Scanner MC88


Model: MC88

Brand Name: MEICET

Images: 15 Intelligent Images

Spectra: 5 Spectra (RGB, Cross-polarized Light, Parralle-polarized Light, UV Light, Wood’s Light)

Featured Functions: Auxiliary Analysis functions, Marketing functions.


Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Hospitals, Skin Care Centers, SPA etc.

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How Meicet Skin Analyzer Help to Scan Acnes

Meicet skin analyzer ance scanner RGB

The RGB image presents the problems that the normal human eye can see. From this image we can see the acne on the chin.

Meicet skin analyzer acne analyzer MC88 red area

The Red Area image highlights sensitive areas in red. The acnes are sensitive skin area, which can be saw clearly in image.

Meicet skin analzyer acne scanner heatmap

The Heatmap image refers to the principle of heat map, showing the sensitive skin area through different color blocks. The acnes are in red or yellow color.

Meicet skin analyzer acne scanners case 2

Former acnes caused pigmentation hiden in deep skin layer. The hiden pigmentation can be clearly saw under UV light.

Meicet skin analyzer acne scanners acne and pigmentation

The acnes will cause pigmentation. Pigmentation can be seen in areas with acnes (case: the chin area).

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