What is a body composition analyzer?

Body Composition Analyzer, which is considered to be a landmark achievement of the health industry. Weight Loss Health Advisory Management System, your health advisor, provides independent health analysis data for each tester.

Basic introduction to Digital Body Fat Analyzer:

Body Fat Analyzer Machine: A landmark achievement for the health industry: Weight Loss Health Advisory Management System, your health advisor, provides independent health analysis data for each tester. Bioelectrical Body Fat Analyzer statistical method, measuring Body Composition Analysis Test: weight, obesity judgment, body age, basic metabolism, muscle mass, presumed bone volume, body fat rate, visceral fat level, exercise patterns, etc. can be accurate to the hands and feet of the various health indicators, effectively indicating the physical health status of guests. With the Body Ingredient Analyzer, you can find tracks for your guests to improve their physical condition and develop new diet and exercise plans. This new health management device automatically collects analytical data in the guest's body, making it easy for you to provide advice and knowledge to the guest. Users can also cooperate with professional diet, health consulting system for guests to provide thoughtful service. To date, obesity has been determined to be based on height and weight. To determine exactly whether you are obese, you must know the levels of adipose tissue. But determining the amount of body fat is not easy. Composition Analyzer Machine is a landmark health management device that measures weight and body fat in less than a minute. From then on, we can easily measure body fat and provide important information for your healthy life.

How the Body Fat Machine works:Sports Scientific Research Geriatrics Training Base Rehabilitation Medicine Fitness Bodybuilding Clinical Medicine Sports Medicine Medical Physical Examination National Physical Monitoring Body Health Medicine

Human composition analyzer test indicators: weight, fat weight, body fat percentage, degreasing weight, muscle content, total body moisture, extracellular fluids, in-cell fluids, body cell weight, segment muscle analysis (left, right upper limb muscle weight, left and lower right) muscle weight, torso muscle weight), weight control objectives, abdominal obesity analysis, waist-to-hip ratio, visceral fat area, visceral fat content, offsutane fat content, visceral fat development prediction, protein content, mineral content, basic metabolic rate, total energy consumption, Body size analysis, body age, body composition analysis and historical results, puffiness index....

In response to the needs of the times, MEICET has done a lot of experiments and technical integration. In the second half of 2020, MC-BCA100 will be officially launched and enter the field of health management.

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