Why do I need a skin Analyzer?

The Skin Analyzer combines the world’s most advanced skin testing hardware with the skin concepts of senior experts from Korea and Japan.
The use of scientific equipment to improve customer awareness of skin symptoms. Directly after the analysis of accurate data, the results are very intuitive and easy to understand, the product recommendation area has relevant items and products to choose from, the efficacy of the selected product, treatment, etc. will be presented in the report page.
The emergence of the skin Analyzer so that the skin treatment to say goodbye to the history of the naked eye judgement alone, can be based on the analysis of graphs to accurately and quantitatively diagnose the skin situation, is a very intuitive communication tool, easy to communicate with the customer.
3, more flexible
The background of the test standards can be adjusted, can be applied to all skin types of people, not limited to Asian skin type.


4、Precise treatment

Helps skin managers to customise more precise treatment plans for their clients, resulting in more effective skin management, making treatments much more effective.
5、Continuous tracking progress
Able to record the results of each test, easy to continue to observe the changes in the customer’s skin, multiple test results arbitrary comparison, you can track the progress of treatment
6、Data security
In the use of the process, the data uploaded to the cloud for storage, automatic backup, which is critical for users, once the data is lost, the consequences are unimaginable. Such as your division is a cosmetic chain, only need to enter all the products in a computer, and then data backup, you can directly restore the backed up data to any other set of software, no need for each computer to re-enter, which will do the whole of the business of the product, saving more workload!

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Post time: Apr-23-2024