What is a skin analyzer?

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What is a skin analyzer?
A skin analyzer is a measuring instrument that provides a quantitative basis for skin beauty maintenance and care. It is equipped with professional testing software to help consumers intuitively and quickly understand the health of their own skin. Under normal circumstances, the human eye can only see the skin surface of the more obvious conditions, can not see the deeper layers of the skin problems, at this time we need to use the skin detector to observe, find, solve our skin problems.



What can the skin analyzer do?

1, allows you to quickly and clearly on the screen to detect and analyze the depth of skin lines, roughness, pore size.
2, can do before and after treatment comparison, convenient for you to confirm the effect of skin treatment.
3、Multi-spectrum imaging analysis, according to targeted
4、Intuitive presentation of the current stage of the customer and potential problems.
5、Automatic digital analysis, can print the number of reports.
6、Simple and fast operation.

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Skin testing system role

Skin detection system interface is beautiful, digital automatic analysis, powerful, high accuracy, can be arbitrarily increased in the background customer profile. Can accurately analyze facial skin problems. You can also enter the efficacy of skin care products, ingredients, functions, etc. into the system, you can also enter the treatment program, in the corresponding analysis page according to the symptoms of the automatic recommendation of the product program. A complete analysis report can be printed after the analysis is completed. Comprehensive report will be all the test results in the form of skin pictures, digital percentage of the form presented to the customer, so that customers clearly understand the results of the test and analysis and the real state of the skin, the system can also be automatically matched to the results of the test out of the corresponding products, product classification, efficacy, course of treatment, price, name a – display.



Post time: Apr-26-2024