The 8th session of the “Face Diagnosis Consultation and Transaction System Course”

The eighth session of the “Face Diagnosis Consultation and Transaction System Course” officially came to a successful conclusion on January 5, 2024. The first day of the course was filled with valuable content, providing a comprehensive understanding of scientific face diagnosis and establishing logical thinking in face analysis. Dr. Zhang Min’s lectures on “Revisiting Skin Cell Biology” and “Establishing Face Diagnosis Logic” conveyed the value of precise consultation, emphasizing the importance of healthy and youthful skin. The course aimed to equip students with scientific, professional, and accurate knowledge and concepts in face diagnosis, combining theory with case studies to establish a framework for interpreting imaging.


However, many beauty salons have invested a significant amount of money in advanced skin analysis devices without knowing how to utilize them correctly. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a course that provides in-depth analysis, case studies, and professional guidance to help participants truly learn how to diagnose and identify skin problems through imaging.


The “Face Diagnosis Transaction ’7′ Step Formula” presented by Dr. Min addressed the pain points of increasing sales in beauty salons. The formula covered every step, from identifying and confirming problems to analyzing them and providing solutions, establishing a comprehensive consultation and transaction system based on the underlying logic of face diagnosis and skin issues.


Beauty Measurement and Analysis Institute (BMIA) has been empowering beauty salons through its three-stage service training system. Over the past four years since its establishment in 2019, BMIA has conducted more than 600 rolling classes, including weekly small-group courses, online open courses, and offline face diagnosis training camps. Through these initiatives, BMIA has connected with numerous beauty industry professionals who are passionate about learning and improving their skin analysis skills. The institute has achieved the following milestones:


- More than 600 rolling classes conducted

- Training coverage of over 20,000 individuals

- 1-on-1 and professional knowledge community serving over 1,000 clients

- High satisfaction rates of 99% for courses and services







Post time: Jan-10-2024