The 49th CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo

The 49th CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo: MEICET beauty test demonstrates leading position in medical beauty technology

On April 20, 2024, the 49th (Spring) CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo concluded successfully at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the pioneer of the first large-scale beauty exhibition in western China, this beauty expo has attracted attention and participation from all fields of the beauty industry. At this event, MEICET demonstrated its leading position and innovative capabilities in the field of skin testing.


Chengdu Beauty Expo: The vane of the beauty industry

As a benchmark for the beauty industry in western China, CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo has always been an important window for companies to open up the market in western China. Every Chengdu Beauty Expo attracts the attention of many people in the beauty industry and audiences and has become a grand event in the industry. At this exhibition, the MEICET exhibition hall presented a lively and energetic scene, attracting the attention and curiosity of many visitors.

MEICET: the leader in medical beauty technology

As a leader in the field of skin testing, MEICET has been committed to bringing more advanced technological products and solutions to the beauty industry. At this CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo, many new products were displayed in the beauty test exhibition hall, attracting the attention and curiosity of many audiences.

Among them, the new product PRO-B became the focus of the audience. As the star product of Meichai Medical Cosmetology, PRO-B has demonstrated its unique functions and effects, attracting the attention and love of many audiences. PRO-B is different from the single skin problem analysis commonly used in the beauty industry, and has been fully upgraded to provide one-stop detection of aging, sensitivity, pigment, skin type, and skin color. Its exclusive customized imaging system, high-definition images and intelligent analysis algorithms can accurately detect skin problems in real time and recommend personalized skin care plans, providing more data support and decision-making reference for the beauty industry.

IsraelMeike 3DD9: The technological charm of the medical beauty industry

In addition to PRO-B, Israel Metco’s new 3DD9 product has also attracted much attention. Its innovative 3D imaging technology and professional aging analysis functions have attracted the favor of many professionals and audiences. As an innovative skin analyzer that integrates 3D, aesthetics, anti-aging and marketing transformation, D9 will bring a new service concept and operation model to medical beauty institutions. Its innovative technology and multi-dimensional detection and analysis will provide efficient empowerment for medical aesthetic institutions, which is of great significance in facial anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, in-depth development of customer needs and front-end operation decisions.

Future Outlook

In the highly competitive medical aesthetics market, MEICET has demonstrated its leading position and innovative capabilities in the medical aesthetics industry. With the continuous advancement and innovation of science and technology, the future of the beauty industry is full of infinite possibilities. MEICET will continue to be committed to bringing more advanced technological products and solutions to the beauty industry and making greater contributions to the development of the medical beauty industry.

Next stop, MEICET will once again appear at the CBE China Beauty Expo in Shanghai from May 22 to 24, bringing new products to the audience with more surprises and innovations. Let us look forward to Meichai continuing to create more brilliance in its development and injecting more vitality and power into the development of the beauty industry!

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