MEICET to showcase its latest skin analyzers at IMCAS Asia 2024

Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand. The show will be held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre . As an annual event in the field of beauty and skin care, IMCAS Asia brings together experts, practitioners and companies from all over the world, providing them with a platform to exchange the latest technologies and trends.


At the show, MEICET will highlight its two latest cutting-edge products – Skin Analyzer Pro A and D9.


Revolutionary skin analysis technology: Skin Analyzer Pro A

The Skin Analyzer Pro A is the latest generation of skin analyzers launched by the MEICET R&D team after years of hard work. The product combines advanced image processing technology and deep learning algorithms to accurately analyze multiple indicators of the skin. Its high-precision analysis capability makes it a powerful assistant for dermatologists, beauticians and skincare product developers.


The core function of Pro A lies in its multispectral imaging technology. Through a combination of multiple light sources such as visible light, ultraviolet light and polarized light, the device can capture deep details of the skin and reveal problems that are not visible to the naked eye. For example, through ultraviolet imaging, Skin Analyzer Pro A can identify pigmentation and early spot formation under the surface of the skin, thereby providing users with more accurate skin care advice.

 meicet skin analyzer

In addition, Pro A is also equipped with an intelligent skin health assessment system, which can automatically generate personalized skin care plans based on the analysis results. This function is particularly suitable for beauty salons and dermatology clinics to provide customers with scientific and targeted care advice.


The D9 Skin Analyzer is another masterpiece of MEICET in the mid-to-high-end market. It not only has powerful skin detection functions, but also integrates the latest AI technology, which can intelligently analyze skin conditions and recommend corresponding skin care products and plans according to different skin types and problems. The portable design of D9 makes it an ideal choice for beauty salons and dermatology clinics, but also suitable for mobile services and home use.


Technological innovation and professional support

MEICET has always been committed to technological innovation and product quality. The Skin Analyzer Pro A and D9 exhibited this time both reflect the company’s leading position in the field of skin analysis. These devices not only use cutting-edge multispectral imaging and AI technology, but also have a user-friendly interface and multi-language support, which is convenient for global users to operate and use.


MEICET also provides comprehensive after-sales service and professional training to ensure that users can fully utilize all the functions of the equipment. Whether it is equipment installation, operation training, or subsequent technical support, MEICET’s professional team will provide timely and thoughtful services to solve users’ worries.


IMCAS Asia 2024: Industry Event

The IMCAS Asia 2024 exhibition will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2024, and is expected to attract thousands of aesthetic medicine experts, dermatologists and industry practitioners. As an annual event in the industry, IMCAS Asia is not only a platform to showcase the latest technologies and products, but also an opportunity for communication and learning. Participants can obtain the latest industry information and technology trends by participating in various lectures, seminars and interactive exhibitions.


MEICET attaches great importance to this exhibition opportunity and hopes to demonstrate the company’s innovative strength and professional level to the global market by displaying its latest skin analyzer products. MEICET’s booth will be located in a prominent position in the main exhibition hall, and all visitors are welcome to come and experience and consult.

Post time: Jun-19-2024