Paris, the city known as the fashion capital, is about to usher in a grand international event-IMCAS WORLD CONGRESS. This event will be held in Paris from February 1st to 3rd, 2024, attracting the attention of the global skin care industry.

As one of the exhibitors of this event, we will showcase our latest products and technologies at the exhibition. Our booth number is G142. Cissy and Dommy will represent us at the exhibition and share our innovations with professionals from all over the world.

Among them, our D8 skin analyzer will be one of the highlights of this exhibition. This advanced skin analyzer combines artificial intelligence technology to accurately analyze skin problems and provide users with personalized skin care recommendations. Its advent will bring revolutionary changes to the skin care industry, allowing people to better understand their skin needs and choose the most suitable skin care products.

In addition, our best-selling models MC88 and MC10 will also be unveiled at the exhibition. These two products have won the favor of consumers around the world with their excellent quality and unique design. Their participation in the exhibition will further consolidate our leading position in the market and demonstrate our brand strength and innovation capabilities to professionals and consumers.

We warmly invite you to visit our booth and experience the magic of our AI skin analysis for yourself. With the help of the D8 Skin Analyzer, you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of your skin condition and get a tailor-made skin care plan. Our professional team will provide you with consultation and answers to ensure you get the best skin care experience.

IMCAS WORLD CONGRESS is a platform that brings together skin care professionals from around the world and is a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends and innovative technologies. We believe that by participating in this event, we will further expand our business scope and strengthen communication and cooperation with industry colleagues.

The not-to-be-missed IMCAS WORLD CONGRESS is about to open in Paris. Let us witness this grand event in the field of skin care and explore future development trends. Welcome to visit our booth and explore the miracle of skin care with us!


Post time: Jan-17-2024