How to take care and protection of skin in autumn?

As the weather gets colder, the skin will be under a lot of pressure due to the sudden drop in temperature, so it needs to be maintained and protected in time. So, how to do good skin care and protection?

1. Exfoliating

Due to the strong ultraviolet rays in summer, the stratum corneum of the skin becomes thicker. In this way, the skin will become rough, and if it is not solved, it will cause a lot of skin problems. Therefore, the first step of skin care in autumn is to exfoliate. Exfoliation must be gentle, first choose a gauze towel to moisten your face. Dip some cleanser with a towel, rub the bubbles out, and draw circles on the face, forehead, T-zone, and chin. Rinse with clean water after about 2 minutes.

2. Sun protection

Although it is autumn, sun protection is still needed. It is best to choose sunscreen products with a high degree of moisture, so that you don’t have to worry about the stratum corneum being damaged due to the dry weather.

3. Toner

The skin is prone to allergies when the seasons change. Toner is a very important for  skin care. Before applying makeup or before going to bed, use a cotton pad to soak up the lotion, and then apply it on the face for about 5 minutes. After applying it, perform the daily maintenance steps. Do not choose the lotion with alcohol.

4. Moisturizer

After applying toner, you need to apply moisturizer. Moisturizer can lock the skin’s moisture. After applying, you can gently massage in a circular motion to increase the moisture retention of the skin.

5. Special skin care

For skin care in autumn, it is best to give special care to the skin once or twice a week, such as applying a facial mask. After washing your face, directly rub the moisturizing lotion in the palm of your hand, apply it on the face, soak a cotton pad with pure water, wring it out and then soak the lotion, and finally apply it on the face, then cover with a layer of plastic wrap for 10 minutes After that, take it off, massage and pat it to absorb.

How to realize your skin problems accurately?

As a skin analyzer supplier, we have always followed the concept of scientific skin care and precise skin care. Our suggestion is to make effective skin tests before every skin care and treatment, so that customers can fully understand their skin problems and severity at this stage. Then based on precised testing results of skin analysis machine, professional nursing suggestions and treatment solutions can be given. Every treatment can be targeted, so that every treatment effect can make customers more satisfied.

Here are two Before-After comparison cases shown by Meicet skin analyzer machine.