Type:Skin Analyzer with Computer
Model:Resur PC  MC 2400
Input Voltage:AC100-240V,50/60HZ,1.5A
Out Voltage:DC24V,3.75A
Light:RGB, cross-polarized and UV
Set 1:Skin Analyzer + Camera+Computer+ Screen+Table
Set 2:kin Analyzer (the online price for this only)
Resur skin analyzer (3)
Resur skin analyzer (4)
Resur skin analyzer (7)

Multi— Spectrum for Professional Reference

Skin analyzer Resur

6 Mode and 3 Light

RGB, cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions: sensitivity, surface skin spots, subsurface skin spots, pores, acne.

Resur Skin Analyzer (4)


6 images can be controlled and marked at the same time. They can be zoom in or zoom out simultaneously.

Resur Skin Analyzer (1)


Meicet skin analyzer can easily captures standardized left, right and frontal facial views.


Skin analyzer Resur

Multiple Compare Mode

·Mirror mode is to compare same face side at different time or image mode.

·You can choose two images to compare, and arrange left-right or up-down.

·You can choose four images to compare according to time or features.


Drawing Function  

Mark on skin analysis result
·Test:Type by keyboard  


·Circle:By Draging 


·Rectangle:By Draging

·Pen:By Draging
·Measure:Clearly reference

·Area:Clearly reference 

·Skin trouble:Preset as you need 

·Mosaic:Protect client's privacy